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Dr. Thomas T Thomas

Dr. Thomas T. Thomas, known to his friends variously as just Doctor, TTT, Thoma or Thomachen, is a General Practitioner of varied experiences. He has worked in remote rural clinics, on contract in various government Health centres, as MO in charge of casualty in major hospitals, and as visiting medical officer in plantations, industrial establishments and de-addiction centres. He is presently working full time as a Family Physician in Muthoot Medical Centre, Pathanamthitta.

He has multiple other interests like art, music, reading, cooking, computers, growing trees, and rearing fish. He describes himself as a Jack of all trades, though a master in none.

He now resides in his renovated ancestral house in his home village, Mallassery with his wife of more than thirty five years, Dr. Annie George, who looks after their own Family Clinic in the village. His son is an Orthopaedician, married to an Ophthalmology student, and they have a cute son nearing two years of age. His daughter is working as a Judicial Officer.

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